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I specialise in Communications and PR and helping those share their story. I love being able to do this through my Communications Agency, Cindication. I am also a Scientist, Freelance Journalist and Author. Focusing on Conscious Education and the narrative around 'education' and 'how we do school', I recently  founded, vClassrooms during Covid-19, which helps assist with remote schooling through ideas and connection between parents, teachers/mentors and children.

I have a particular interest in neurodiversity with lived-in experience. In this space I also partner and contribute towards helping those with Autism, (including anxiety, OCD and trauma management) by helping parents come to terms with knowledge of Spectrum and assisting children through workshops in collaboration with PALC (Human Behaviour and Trauma Specialists).


I am also an advocate and work professionally in the space of Mental Health, Health and Wellness (particularly Autoimmune and Lymes/Lyme-Like Disease) as well as Tech, Travel, Arts and Lifestyle, Charities and Not-for-profits and Indie Authors. 

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In 2019, I founded the startup company, Cindication Co. which is a Communications Agency that enriches business messages and people's stories about everyday journeys and urban experiences by delivering connectivity, information, and content to the world. As a passionate writer and with a wealth of experience in PR & Comms (Internationally and in Australia), I am able to help many businesses and individuals find their voice and unique way of sharing and elevating their story and message using both Traditional PR & Social media.

I am also a humanitarian who is a powerful change maker and influencer. Changing the lives of many and influencing others to ‘empower themselves’ to change their own lives through loving choices, health and nurturing. This is nowhere more evident than in my work through neurodiverse children on the Autism Spectrum and giving them (and their parents) tools and strategies to assist, along side my fundamental beliefs for all aspects of the Health & Wellness Industry.


I also have a strong focus on supporting those also with auto-immune conditions and work closely with assisting people in the understanding of chronic pain management. 

Along side my social enterprise Pencils Community, I strive to unite other charities together unifying their purpose and missions.


I am an internationally published author, writer of articles, training & resource materials, online courses, programs, blogs and more.

Combing the traditional art of story-telling through modern day tech is my journey and passion. 

'Combing the traditional art of story-telling through modern day tech is my journey and passion'.

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As the Founder of Cindication (a Communications Agency), I partner and collaborate with all of my favourite  and awesome clients and help them share their story ... from Tech to Conscious Education, Mental Health, Health & Wellness, Charities/NFPs, Travel, Arts & Lifestyle and Indie Authors. 


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