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As the Founder of Cindication; a Communications Agency my role was to ensure communications across traditional and social media helped enrich business and urban story experiences by delivering connectivity, information, and content to the world.

I specialise in communications, public relations, media, content, visual branding, websites, graphic design, strategy and more. 

As an experienced Content Writer I create content and programs across a variety of mediums from articles, white papers, education programs, homeschool programs, technical papers, blogs, social media posts, websites, COPY and more.


My clients and focus include: Conscious Education, Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing, Travel / Arts & Lifestyle, Charities & NFPs, Indies, Tech and more.

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Content Creation & Management, Blogs, Newsletters, Socials.

Copywriting / Article writing for Advertising and Editorial style pieces.

Writing Coaching for all ages and styles. New & Existing Authors.

web design& GRAPHIC DESIGN

Web Design & Creation, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Photography, Branding Consistency & Editing.

PR: traditional & SOCIAL

Social Media Strategy, Management, Creation & Coverage Increase.

Traditional PR, Press Releases, Interviews, Story Opportunities & Pitching.


TED Events & PUBLIC SpeakinG

Campaign Strategy, Event Creation & Management, Workshops, Retreats.

TED Talk / TED TV / Event Preparation, Speech Writing, Public Speaking Coaching and Consultation.


Big Bubble Brainstorming, Strategy, Think-tanks, Original Conceptualisation.

Branding Consultation & Consistency, Core Messages, Mission Statements, Colours.


vCons Consultation: equipment, software, attendance and organising virtual cons for you.

Collaboration with your business to create workshops, training materials, manage events.

Sibling Piggyback




I thrive on being part of the global conversation about changing education and 'how we do school'. Actively looking at the mental and emotional health of all children so we can support them to excel in their minds, happiness, and their futures. 

Sibling Piggyback
Chopping Coriander
Chopping Coriander


Embracing all aspects of health & wellbeing, I help many clients in all areas of health, including gut and immune health experts, nutritionists, auto-immune, Lyme Disease and more.

Friendly Conversation


We all have a mental health, just as we all have a physical health. I am committed to ending the stigma in talking about mental health issues and helping those providing the front line services.

Friendly Conversation


Yoga Class




Sport, Recreation and Fitness has many benefits including, health, teamwork, community and leadership. As a result of Covid19, we represent many individuals and sporting groups looking to increase participation, online and in real-time.  I love working with Yogi's and  exercises that include mindfulness.

Yoga Class
Country Style Cottage
Country Style Cottage


Life is also about joy. Some of the finer aspects of life involve travel, destinations, the arts and lifestyle. From fashion to singing, authors to eco-renovators, to all the creative arts, I enjoy shining a light on what we love most in life.

Color Pencils
Color Pencils


Communications for charities and not-for-profits is the opposite of what you think; the recipient is the charity, and customers are donors and philanthropists. With so many charities out there, I can show you how to stand out and help shout your all important message.



Your data is now the most guarded asset of all time. I have represented clients on the cutting-edge of professional hacking and cyber security and can help with product launches or breaking onto the speaking circuit. 

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