• Cindy Rochstein

Why your Grandma's old-school cooking is making a quick comeback!

Remember your grandparents cooking? Lots of different smells, magic uses, techniques and cooking creations from all parts of the food source whether it be animal or vegetable? They knew how to cook and maximise nutrients whilst learning about the scarcity of food.

I remember having this conversation with my Mum recently - I have quite a small pantry and try to live minimal, eat mostly fresh and I used to complain when she would turn up with multiple tins of food and lentils.

"I'm not cooking and stocking up like I am in a war!" I used to say to her.

Now I am grateful more than ever for a few extra supplies as mass hysteria buying begins.

As a vego myself I always find fresh is best and I still am a fan of this, but in these changing times it might be time to expand my mind a little.

As a parent I am sure many of you are now considering how to best care for the health of your family and selves and keep your immune systems as strong as possible.

And I know one of the answers is: BROTH

Although I know Bone broth is rich in minerals that help build and strengthen your bones, I really struggle with it, how to cook it and the smell.

But I know how beneficial it is for health, containing many nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

A little while back a good friend of mine, creator of ‘Take a Broth’ sent me some samples to try. Even my daughter tried them and they were super easy - you just chew and eat and that equals one serve.

The veg one was delicious and my daughter loved the chicken one - she calls it her "gingerbread medicine" as she can taste the ginger in the recipe.

So whilst I may not be great about going back to old school cooking anytime soon (never say never right?), I can and will be taking my "Take a Broth" strips in this time.

Convenient, easy to take, tastes great, makes me feel like I am doing the best I can to give my health the very best chance for me and my family and in this time of fear and uncertainty its about trusting your gut. Literally! Gut health and a good immune system are strongly linked.

Micheline Andrews - Founder "Take a Broth - Tasmania"

A message from the awesome Take a Broth - Tasmania! More timely now than ever!

Immune Systems!

Hand washing and not touching your face is a precaution for transmitting viruses.

What is a great/easy way to boost your immune system?


By reducing inflammation in the body and supplying important nutrients straight to your gut, it is a great natural way to boost your immunity.

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